JeremySmithPhotography: Blog en-us (C) JeremySmithPhotography (JeremySmithPhotography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:25:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:25:00 GMT JeremySmithPhotography: Blog 63 120 Why I think I should support marine conservation by becoming a Divemaster I've been prompted into this by an amazing opportunity to put something back into the natural world by becoming a Dive-master with the help and guidance of Sairee cottage Diving in Thailand. Only a few weeks ago I was chatting to the director of Dive Safari Asia at a show and expressed my interest in completing my Dive-master qualification and to continue to pursue my passion for Scuba Diving. 

Having worked in the safari industry in Zimbabwe and now as a Personal Trainer in the Uk I have had a chance to work with so many people in many different ways. Whether to help them see a particular bird or animal or to help them achieve a fitness goal and feel good about themselves through exercise I have always taken pleasure in helping others to see what I have seen. 

Growing up in a land locked country meant the wonders of the ocean were only seen on television until 2009 when I was able to dive for the first time. I think my mask leaked as I smiled so much and I can only describe the feeling as akin to flying through a forest filled with endless numbers of colourful birds and butterflies. My passion for photography had just found a new path to explore. 

As my diving experience evolved I became aware of the serious and growing problem of pollution in the ocean. Plastic bottles in the Red Sea, Plastic everything in Indonesia both on the surface and on the bottom. As well as the pollution issues we face I was saddened to learn and see many more examples of how the underwater flora and fauna is struggling. I would like the chance to show others how much there is below the surface that is worth conserving. Through my photography and by taking others to see and experience what I did when I first slipped below the waves I would like so start to educate the world. 

Wonderful things are taking place within the world of Marine Conservation in many parts of the world such as the preservation of sharks and the creation of marine parks and at the same time other events continue to damage the balance of nature like the creation of new shipping routes and species specific poaching. "Charity begins at home" and when each person feels that the ocean belongs to them as a species then the incentive to conserve and protect is greatly increased. 

I'd encourage everyone to try Scuba Diving and through this platform the population as a whole may become more aware of the fantastic diversity underwater and at the same time feel a desire to look after it. 

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